30. January, 2010 - iPad thoughts

So everyone’s been all abuzz about the iPad. Some have even been squeeing in most unseemly ways about how it, in combination with iBooks are going to change the future of publishing. Me, I’m just not all that thrilled.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t really enjoy reading long-form things on a battery-powered device, so that part doesn’t wind me up (and no matter what SJ says, ten hours is not enough battery life for an eBook reader). The form-factor is too big to fit in my pockets, and I don’t carry a man-purse around most of the time, so that’s another strike. And while it might be handy for showing off photos, I don’t do very much of that, preferring to show folks paper, or show the photos on my iPad nano (aka iPhone) in a pinch. And finally, I don’t see any easy way of getting data like photos from my CF and SD cards when I am out shooting into it. Or for that matter even syncing with it without connecting a cable, which is one of my biggest complaints about the iPhone.

Of course my thoughts on it don’t really matter all that much. I wasn’t that excited about the iPhone when it came out, and that seems to be doing okay. Is it a game-changer? I don’t know. And I also don’t know if it matters to me today or not. For the next few months, I need to be squarely focused on the old world of computing. It’s where I make my living, and like it or not, that’s where my focus has to be.

Anyway, it’s interesting, if for no other reason that in watching people’s reactions to it. And there’s more in the last set of links below. Enjoy.

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