5. January, 2010 - Another New Year

And another new decade. Third decade of running this silly blog, for what that’s worth. I don’t think it proves much except that I don’t know when to quit.

On the home front, just another year, I think. The bathroom got completed yesterday, and I’ll post photos once I get a chance to finish the cleanup and get everything where it belongs. One day of work in the new year, and I’m already back in the regular work pattern.

I alluded to it last time, but the one major change that came out of the holidays is that my DirecTiVo finally died. So I called up DirecTV, asked if they had an HD TiVo yet, and shut off the account when the answer was still No. Since I don’t have an antenna connected to the TV, the only source of video amusement now are DVDs / Blu-Ray and things retrieved from online. I’ve got a PS3 and an AppleTV, and I think between the two I’ll be covered, except for some way to watch NASCAR races when that season starts. Might end up using the radio for that. But it’ll be an interesting experiment.

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