16. November, 2009 - frost

There’s been frost on the grass the past couple mornings. The leaves are off almost all of the trees. All we need to make it feel like winter here is some snow. And slightly colder temperatures. After a chilly October, November has been warmer than normal so far.

Which is okay by me, I think. I’ve managed to get most of the outside projects done for the fall. There’s still a pile of branches I need to break down and bundle, and a pile of cardboard in the garage that needs to be bundled up too. But both of those are things that are better done in cool weather, even if there’s snow on the ground.

The big news on the home front is that I think I’m finally moving toward getting the bathroom remodel done. I’ve found a contractor, and we’re putting together a plan, so it’s time to start buying fixtures and such. Also near the top of the to-do list is rearranging stuff in the basement enough that I can get the space to put a toilet down there to use during the construction. So it’s looking like a busy month or two, without even thinking about the holidays yet.

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