October 2009

21. October, 2009 - back to the grind

Vacation is over, and I’m back at work. Pretty much settled right back in to the routine, which is good, I guess. But I always think that maybe I’ll get some sort of long-term change out of a vacation. Some new insight that will change the way I look at work or life. Doesn’t seem to have happened this time.

Which is all probably just as well. Looks like I’m going to have a busy rest-of-the-year, so keeping on the course that got me here is probably wisest.

15. October, 2009 - back from the trip

As I did last October, I took some vacation time this fall. This time I drove the western half of US 2, driving from Duluth, MN to Everett, WA. I may have missed the very last bit of US 2 in Everett, because the signage is bad there. I didn’t get a photo of the western end of the road. I did get pretty close, or perhaps actually drive all the way to the end though, since I took the Hewitt Avenue exit, but it actually drops you a block north on California Street. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m still processing the photos, but I’ve created a set on Flickr for the trip photos, and will get things written up here fairly soon, I hope.

2. October, 2009 - definitely fall

Turned cold this week. Not middle of winter in Minnesota cold, but there was frost in the suburbs on Wednesday morning. Time to dig out the jeans, get the comforters to the cleaners (I know - shoulda done that in the spring), and fire up the furnace.

I’m just about fully recovered from my back surgery, which is nice. It’s good not hurting.

And I think that’s going to do it for the week. Have a good weekend.

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