24. September, 2009 - spreading the wireless

My neighborhood continues to be one of the ones where the city’s wireless service remains unavailable. And according to their map, we’ve already got all the service we’re going to get. So anyway, my neighbor has a new wireless laptop and wanted to use it in her house without having to string ethernet cables. And she already had DSL for her desktop.

So last night, I wandered around my house collecting old hardware. I came up with an Airport Express, an ethernet hub, and a spare ethernet cable, and hauled it all over to her house. Less than an hour later everything was up and running. Yay!

The sweet part of this is that I already had all the hardware. And it was equipment that probably would’ve gotten tossed in a box, and then thrown out five years from now when I realized I’d never need it. I’m much happier to have it working for the neighbors.

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