August 2009

28. August 2009 - back surgery

Well. It’s been an interesting week. On Tuesday, I went into the hospital for a lumbar microdiscectomy to relieve the sciatica I’ve had since back in the spring.

Things went pretty well, in spite of me being really nervous about the surgery. Dr. Kim calmed me down more than once, and appears to have done a good job, since I’m having only minimal pain in my leg. I’ve already quit taking the prescription painkillers for the post-operative pain after sleeping through the night last night, and I’m up and around today, and actually managed to make it to the neighborhood garage to get the oil changed in my truck and hit the McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch.

Initially I’d feared I’d be out the three weeks in the “up to three weeks recovery time,” but today I’m thinking that I’ll be back at work for at least a partial day on Monday. So overall, I think it’s been a pretty good week. And that’s going to do it for now. I’m ready for a nap.

22. August, 2009 - photography and copyright

I’ve learned a lot about where these two subjects overlap in the past couple months. If you don’t want people stealing your photos, you’re either going to need to put in extra effort, or don’t post them online.

18. August, 2009 - a quickie

Not much to say today. Not much in the way of links. Got a bigger post I’m working on, but it ain’t ready yet. So just an appetizer for now.

5. August, 2009 - quick update

Not a whole lot of time for the update this morning, so it’ll have to be a quickie. First, both Derek and Annie stopped by to talk to me last night about the noise-levels at the Saints games and promised that they’d dealt with it. And it was quieter. So I’ve now got cautious optimism that it’ll be more tolerable out there. But I still worry that keeping the volume from creeping back up is going to require me to complain every time it does, and I don’t want to do that, either. We’ll see.

On the chair front, I’ve found at least one solution (at $1500+), but folks balked at the expense, so now the facilites people are working to try and find me a chair that’s less expensive. Again, I just want it resolved with no further need for complaining. I don’t like having to be the squeaky wheel.

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