5. August, 2009 - quick update

Not a whole lot of time for the update this morning, so it’ll have to be a quickie. First, both Derek and Annie stopped by to talk to me last night about the noise-levels at the Saints games and promised that they’d dealt with it. And it was quieter. So I’ve now got cautious optimism that it’ll be more tolerable out there. But I still worry that keeping the volume from creeping back up is going to require me to complain every time it does, and I don’t want to do that, either. We’ll see.

On the chair front, I’ve found at least one solution (at $1500+), but folks balked at the expense, so now the facilites people are working to try and find me a chair that’s less expensive. Again, I just want it resolved with no further need for complaining. I don’t like having to be the squeaky wheel.

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