31. July, 2009 - server issues

Had a server hiccup back on Wednesday. Things seem to be up and running again, but the hard drive is dying, so if you don’t see this page, that’s why. Expect some changes, hopefully soon, as I relocate this to a new server.

I missed the entire 4-game stretch of the Saints hosting Sioux Falls. I think that’s a first, and while I was busy dealing with the dead server, the noise levels at the ball-park played a definite part, too. The constant barrage of noise was one of the reasons I quit going to the Metrodome. Back in 1993, the Saints seemed like a nice refuge. No longer. I’ve promised to take a friend to a game next weekend, but I’m not sure how many more games I’m going to attend. Sad. But maybe a bit ironic, too. I had just been interviewed for an article on tailgating for the program for the next home-stand.

And that’s about it for now, I think. Have a great weekend!

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