June 2009

30. June, 2009 - Summer Vacation

On vacation this week. Not entirely my choice, but it’s nice to have the time off. Of course I planned a bunch of things, and ended up with a week so full that it doesn’t really feel like much of a vacation.

Yesterday started it off. Went out to a friend’s cabin, and turned money into noise, spending a good chunk of the day shooting at targets. It was a pretty good day, except for a little mishap on the first shot. I’ve now had my first scope-bite, and a very good reminder to switch away from the damned bifocals when looking through a scope. Beyond that, it was a fun day. Got a sore shoulder and a lot of cleaning to do today, though. And a little arc above my eyebrow that probably won’t scar.

19. June, 2009 - it’s just a job

Things at work have me cranky again. Mostly a couple co-workers who haven’t been getting the bits I need from them done on time, which has led to me falling behind while I wait for them. But I need to remember that it’s just a job. Plus, the Saints start a new home-stand this weekend, so I’ll have baseball.

In other news, the Star Tribune used one of my photos without permission earlier this year. It’s the photo of the Quadriga at the Minnesota State Capitol that appears to the left. Got my lawyer to send them a letter, and they pulled the photo down almost immediately after receiving the letter, but I haven’t heard any reply from them yet. Not only did they strip out my copyright information and publish the photo without my permission, but they misspelled my name when they attributed me. I guess we’ll see what develops there. I think the thing that pisses me off most is that I’m generally pretty easy to work with when someone asks permission to use one of my photos. I generally don’t give them away, but I’ve turned very few people away. But they didn’t even bother to ask first.

And I think that’s about it for this time. I’m trying to be a little better about more frequent updates, but that means I might not have a ton to say sometimes.

15. June, 2009 - summer

Blogging’s been slow lately. And it’s not just me. There’s a bunch of the blogs I read that seem to have gone into “summer mode” too. So I guess the only solution for it is to get off (or on, I guess) my lazy butt and do some typing. I’d post a photo, but I haven’t been doing much of that lately, either.

In part, it’s been slow because I’ve had plenty of other things to keep me busy. There are the Saints, there’s yard work, and there’s catching up with the stuff I had planned to do inside the house over the winter. But a lot of it has just falled onto the long-term list. Doesn’t mean it won’t get done—just means I’m not going to worry if I don’t get to it right away. And it hasn’t really turned into full-fledged summer yet. Heck, it was just a week ago that I was griping about having to turn on the furnace again (yesterday I fired up the air conditioners). But the summer mood seems to have struck.

Thanks to the folks who responded to my Dear Lazyweb request last time. I’m working on sorting through the information, so there will probably be a more complete post about it one of these days. Just not today.

3. June, 2009 - Technology woes
Genuine Bell
Genuine Bell

I’ve been fighting with technology lately, it seems. My GPS suddenly stopped working a couple weekends ago. I wrote a bunch of code yesterday, then trimmed it back to two lines of new code, and somehow managed to crash in those two lines taken straight from some example code. And yesterday evening, I got a phone call from someone, and heard the corded phone in the basement ringing, but neither of my cordless phones rang or would pick up (and didn’t leave a message). So I figured it was time to plug in the beauty shown there on the right.

But hey, in general things are going okay. The Saints are back for a home stand this weekend. The weather’s mostly been pleasant (though we could sure use some rain). The summer’s shaping up to be okay, as far as I can tell. Now if I could just figure out how to get my GPS fixed… It’s under warranty, but I don’t have the original packaging and bought it from amazon - then again, it’s been discontinued and is now selling for less than half what I paid for it last July, so it’ll probably just be easier to buy a new one.

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