May 2009

27. May, 2009 - been a while

Haven’t had an update for two weeks. Eek. I’m still alive. Just not in the mood for writing much lately. Plus the Saints started their regular season at home last week, and the six-game home-stand wore me out.

Found one interesting tidbit, though. Six games of sitting on a hard aluminum bench seems to be better for my back than I expected. In fact, I was feeling significantly better after the home stand than I was before. Interesting. Well, to me at least.

13. May, 2009 - More home improvement

Yesterday, Chad stopped by and put up my trellis / Pergola. It’s nice looking, and the hop plants near my front sidewalk are hopefully going to enjoy it. I’d have a picture, but in the past 18 hours I haven’t managed to get the camera with the photos of it and the card-reader to get the photos off the camera to the same location. I hope to fix that later today.

Beyond that, not too much excitement on the home front. The Saints begin their regular season at home next Tuesday, and I’m still trying to get my back happy enough that I’ll be able to go to games and not hurt the next day. Wish me luck.

3. May, 2009 - Miesville? Not today

Today’s the Saints first pre-season game down in Miesville. I had a bunch of things to do before I felt I could do down there, but due to getting started at 8am, it’s noon and I’m basically ready to go. Except that I’m still dealing with a gimpy back, and I don’t think an hour each way on pot-holed roads would do it any good. So I’m still waiting for my first game of the season.

I bought a new chair for at work last Monday. It’s a SitOnIt @Work which seems to be a lot better for me than my Aeron was. So if you’re local, and looking for a (used) Aeron, I’ve got one I’m planning to sell. Drop me a note.

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