3. April, 2009 - cold spell

After some nice weather and some outdoors activites in March, we seem to have settled into a cold spell around here. And frankly, it’s dragging on me a bit. I’m not quite ready for baseball season to start (yes, I know it has for the bigs, but that doesn’t really matter much to me), but I sure would like a few nice days that would entice me out into the yard. Or the garage even. There’s cleanup to be done out there, but I haven’t had a nice enough day to open the windows on the house this year, so it just doesn’t feel right to start outdoor cleaning yet.

That said, I’m getting the feeling that things are going to start rolling along Real Soon Now. The season ticket pickup party for the Saints is two weeks out. And then there’s a Saints game down in Miesville just two weeks after that, and then things will be busy. It’s just this in-between time that’s tough. I suppose I’ll start consoling myself with MLB games on the idiot-box, but I just can’t get excited about watching steroid-enhanced-millionaires who might not even have made the majors if it weren’t for “the juice.”

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