March 2009

30. March, 2009 - snow?

Guess we don’t quite get to spring just yet. They’re forecasting serious snow for just a little north of here, and a sloppy mix of snow and rain for here in the Cities.

Oh well. It’s Minnesota, and we’re far enough into spring that it shouldn’t last long.

29. March, 2009 - Spring?
Lone Tree
Photos from Southern Utah

Still waiting to turn the corner into spring. I thought we were there about a week ago, and then it snowed. But it sounds like the chillier weather helped out in Fargo. Or at least postponed the worst of the flooding. I feel bad for the folks losing their houses, but find myself wondering why more wasn’t done earlier. The storm-track most of this winter was going a bit north of here, and I can’t be the only one who thought that most of that snow was going to melt and run into the Red River, can I? Well, I guess a guy can hope that once things get dried out this time around they’ll do some more preparation to avoid this problem in the future.

Meanwhile, I’m still processing photos from the trip to Utah. I’m up to 47 in the set as of this morning, and just might reach 60 by the time I’m done. It was a pretty productive trip, photography-wise. Aside from the photos in my computer, I spent some time yesterday cleaning out my cameras. I think I finally got the last of the red dust off the sensors. That part was considerably less fun than the shooting photos part. Kudos to the Rocket-Air. It’s a pretty good tool for cleaning out the insides of a camera.

I’m not the only one with some beautiful photos from the southwest. Ben has a post about Climbing as Metaphor which includes a whole bunch of pretty photos. It’ll be worth your time to check it out.

21. March, 2009 - catching up
Photos from Southern Utah

Yes, It’s been a while since I updated. Sorry about that. I was out of town last weekend, and have been playing catch-up since I got back on Tuesday. Out of town? Yes. I spent some time running around southern Utah with some co-workers shooting photos. The results (which I’m still sorting through and uploading to flickr) are in the set linked to on the left. I’ve got over a dozen that I’m happy with, and the moonset pictured left is my favorite.

And that trip took most of my attention. Between that and work, I haven’t really done much else that’s worth typing about, so I’ll just get to the links.

Oops. I guess I lied. I do have one request. If you’re familiar with the national parks in southern Utah, there are a few photos I have that I’m not exactly sure about the captions. You should be able to spot them pretty easily in the set. If you can help me caption them correctly, I’d sure appreciate the help. Having a GPS on your camera may help tell you where you are, but it doesn’t always tell you what you’re pointing the camera at. Thanks.

8. March, 2009 - long week

I spent most of the past week, either with a cold or recovering from it. I suspect that attending the ice ball game last weekend knocked my immune system down enough that it gave the virus that’s been going around work since about the first of the year a chance to catch me.

But on the plus side, being sick through the middle of the week gave me a chance to tackle a lot of the little things around home that I just haven’t gotten to for far too long. I finally moved my recliner up into the library. I finally hauled a bunch of stuff that I’ve been shuffling from room to room out to the trash (or at least into the garage to be put out with the trash next week). And I realized yesterday that I’ve almost got the downstairs clean enough to let a Roomba roam around down here now. Not bad progress for being sick and spending most of my time napping.

And yeah, after two months of having a Roomba 560, I’ve decided I like it enough that I’ll get a second one for the ground floor. It’s not perfect (my biggest complaint is that I still need to pay some attention to it every day, if for no other reason than to empty the bin on it), but it’s made a huge difference upstairs. Things are much cleaner than can be accounted for by my normal bachelor slob tendencies. And I’m better about keeping the clutter picked up because clutter confuses the robot (used drier sheets on the other hand, choke it something fierce). Might not be for everyone, but highly recommended for the single male geek / slob.

1. March, 2009 - ice ball
Iceball Game
Ice Ball Game

I was out at the base ball game yesterday and took a few photos, one of which is linked to the right. That particular photo is a five shot panorama. The rest are in this set on flickr. It was a fun day, and I got to see some of my summertime family. I probably should have taken more photos out in the parking lot both before and after the game, but I was thinking that I’d conserve batteries for the actual game.

And speaking of conserving batteries, that’s going to be the plan for today. Spending five hours sitting out in the cold really drained me, and I almost feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I know that cold weather doesn’t cause colds, but I’m going to play it safe and rest up today. Sometime next week, I’ll finish posting photos from last Tuesday’s photowalk at the Cathedral of St. Paul. And get back to scanning old photos of me & my family. It’s been interesting seeing some of the old photos and reading stories like this one about my mom complaining that her slippers hurt when she was four.

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