9. February, 2009 - warm-up

It seems that our January Thaw this year is running a bit late. Made for some very nice days this weekend, in any case. Of course the problem with it getting above freezing this time of year is that at some point, it’s going to get colder again, and while that doesn’t seem to be due until later this week, there’s freezing rain happening not all that far from here. Careful on the roads, kiddies.

Full Library
The full library

In spite of the nice weather, I spent most of the weekend (and Friday, which I took off from work too) indoors. It’s nice out, but it’s not that nice out. Plus I need to get things buttoned down indoors before life gets busy in the summer. To that end, I worked on the library some. All the boxes of books are unpacked, except for one or two which are hiding behind other boxes in the basement, and most of the furniture is in place (I still need to find a day-bed or something I can use as a guest-bed, but that’s not going to be a critical issue until I have a guest). The room is pretty darned nice. A few more things on the walls, find and unpack the rest of the books, organize things a bit, and I’ll be ready to call it “done.”

And that’s got me thinking again about what my next project around the house will be. I had planned to completely re-do the bathroom, almost doubling it in size and adding cool new fixtures, but the expense on that might be more than I want to tackle at the moment. Maybe it would be best to just bide my time and work on smaller projects like getting the ground floor and basement of the house cleaned up and sorted out. That could be a nice lead-in to the garage sale I’ve been pondering for a few years now. I know I’ve got too much “stuff” and maybe it’s time to get rid of some of it so I don’t have to keep moving it from room to room as I tackle various projects.

But at the moment, the much more pressing business is getting all the tax stuff bundled up for the accountant, dropping that in the mail, and getting to work for the week. Which I guess I’ll get started on now. Have a great week!

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