20. January, 2009 - new boot, same neck

Some big political event going on in DC today has people all riled up. Me, I’ve got a more cynical take. We’re getting a new politician. And while he says some things that make people squee, my expectation is that just like almost anyone else who spends a significant amount of time in the fever swamps, he will not be spared by the corrupting influence.

And I think the cynicism is pretty justified. Look at Keith Ellison, our local savior who was going to make Washington a better place. He’s already being accused of being a sell-out. That’s not to say I completely agree with Ron Paul, either. Dr. Paul seems to believe in a non-violence principle. Me, I’m more for a zero aggression principle. Agression, or starting violence, is wrong. Finishing it, on the other hand…

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