December 2008

31. December, 2008 - Happy New Year

A bit of an anniversary - it was five years ago today that I cooked myself my first breakfast in my house. A little notable, since I’ve still got bunches of boxes that I haven’t unpacked around the house. On the other hand, there are only two major projects left on the list from when I moved in: re-do the bathroom, and replace the furnace (and a little surprisingly to me, the furnace replacement will be the cheaper of the two). I’ve already got a quote on the bathroom work and will probably do that sometime in 2009.

So as years go, not a bad one. Not great either, what with that financial meltdown freaking people out and making my investments worth a lot less than I’d hoped, but hey, at least my ESPP shares will be bought at a very reasonable price this year, and the money going into my 401k will be buying more than I expected.

On the political front, we’ll soon have a new crop of bums in government, but I don’t foresee any huge changes. They’ll still be statists wanting to increase the control they exert over us. Sigh.

But hey, a new year begins tomorrow, and this is supposed to be a time of hope, right? Well, here’s hoping for a tolerable 2009 for all of us. Or maybe even a good one.

29. December, 2008 - another week off

With the long break from work, I’ve been lazing around the house quite a bit. It helped that I got sick on Christmas Eve and didn’t feel like leaving the house for a few days, but now I’m recovered, and starting to get a little bit of cabin fever.

In the meantime though, I’ve spent a lot of time futzing around on facebook. I’ve come to the conclusion that Sitting on Facebook is like having a social life. Except you don’t have to wear pants! Yeah, it might be slightly more sociable than locking yourself up in a Unabomber Shack, but it’s not really all that sociable. I suspect I’ll head out this evening to see some actual people in person down at the local watering hole.

Plus there are things to do around the house this week. Below is a short set of my facebook statuses from today, so you can see the kind of stuff I’ve been doing:

  1. Dave is making a to-do list. That’s like getting stuff done, right?
  2. Dave has moved on to prioritizing his list. That’s even more pseudo-productive, right?
  3. Dave is tire from all this list-making and prioritizing. Is it time for a break yet?
  4. Dave is done with his post list-prioritization break. Now where’s that list?
  5. Dave found the list! Oh, look at the time! I’d better make lunch plans!

As you can see, it’s just been a hotbed of activity around here this morning. I only hope the afternoon (after some lunch, and perhaps a nap) is as productive as this morning was! Speaking of which, I’d better get to it: it’s time to leave for lunch soon.

23. December, 2008 - road trip

Yesterday saw me driving through Wyoming then Virginia. Then across the continental divide. And then back through Virginia and Wyoming. All without leaving Minnesota, and in the name of picking up some pig to fill my freezer.

Other than that, I was kinda busy with work last week. Then with snow and relaxing over the weekend. Today’s basically trying to wrap up some business-related things and paying the bills before the upcoming holiday. Nothing too stressful, but it needs to be done.

Updates? Well, I’ll try to keep up on them around here, but it’s pretty obvious I’ve been slacking lately. And with year-end coming, it’s time to update the Minnesota Gun Shows list for 2009, so that’ll take some of my energy as well. I guess we’ll see.

14. December, 2008 - rain?

Looking out the window a bit ago I noticed that it was raining. This is not “normal” for this time of year in Minnesota. And when I checked the weather forecast, the overnight low this evening is supposed to be below zero (Fahrenheit). For some reason, I do not think this will end well.

I haven’t had much to blog lately. Been doing status updates on Facebook and that seems to suck some of the energy away from this. Then again, it’s also winter and I don’t have a lot going on just now, either.

5. December, 2008 - In the dark

Earlier this week, I had the first day of the season in which I drove to and from work in the dark. It’ll continue to happen for a couple months, depending on how long the days are, but for me, that marks the real beginning of winter here in Minnesota.

As it happened, that day was dark for other reasons. Only one guy from the Minnesota office was “restructured” out the door, but some of my cow-orkers were freaked out. Me? Well, I lived through five years at Lame Rasters, so layoffs aren’t all that stressful for me anymore. I basically just put my head down and got a lot of stuff done. But then the meetings began, and they’re still going on today. Oy. Sometimes the touchy-feely California culture of the company I work for gets on my nerves. Couldn’t we have some nice Scandahoovian stoicism, please? I don’t need another meeting telling me that things are fine. Either things really are fine and I’ll figure that out on my own, or it’s an attempt to sugar-coat a turd, and that will become pretty obvious with the first bite. Wasting my time with meetings doesn’t really help get the work done, which is, I’m pretty sure, what I’m supposed to be doing in exchange for the pile of electrons that goes into my checking account every couple weeks.

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