31. December, 2008 - Happy New Year

A bit of an anniversary - it was five years ago today that I cooked myself my first breakfast in my house. A little notable, since I’ve still got bunches of boxes that I haven’t unpacked around the house. On the other hand, there are only two major projects left on the list from when I moved in: re-do the bathroom, and replace the furnace (and a little surprisingly to me, the furnace replacement will be the cheaper of the two). I’ve already got a quote on the bathroom work and will probably do that sometime in 2009.

So as years go, not a bad one. Not great either, what with that financial meltdown freaking people out and making my investments worth a lot less than I’d hoped, but hey, at least my ESPP shares will be bought at a very reasonable price this year, and the money going into my 401k will be buying more than I expected.

On the political front, we’ll soon have a new crop of bums in government, but I don’t foresee any huge changes. They’ll still be statists wanting to increase the control they exert over us. Sigh.

But hey, a new year begins tomorrow, and this is supposed to be a time of hope, right? Well, here’s hoping for a tolerable 2009 for all of us. Or maybe even a good one.

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