5. December, 2008 - In the dark

Earlier this week, I had the first day of the season in which I drove to and from work in the dark. It’ll continue to happen for a couple months, depending on how long the days are, but for me, that marks the real beginning of winter here in Minnesota.

As it happened, that day was dark for other reasons. Only one guy from the Minnesota office was “restructured” out the door, but some of my cow-orkers were freaked out. Me? Well, I lived through five years at Lame Rasters, so layoffs aren’t all that stressful for me anymore. I basically just put my head down and got a lot of stuff done. But then the meetings began, and they’re still going on today. Oy. Sometimes the touchy-feely California culture of the company I work for gets on my nerves. Couldn’t we have some nice Scandahoovian stoicism, please? I don’t need another meeting telling me that things are fine. Either things really are fine and I’ll figure that out on my own, or it’s an attempt to sugar-coat a turd, and that will become pretty obvious with the first bite. Wasting my time with meetings doesn’t really help get the work done, which is, I’m pretty sure, what I’m supposed to be doing in exchange for the pile of electrons that goes into my checking account every couple weeks.

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