28. November, 2008 - Post-Thanksgiving Photowalk tonight

Pretty good Thanksgiving Day for me yesterday. Slept late. Finished reducing the stock I’d started on Tuesday. Ended up with about 5 cups of glace, which will make a welcome addition to soups and sauces through the rest of the winter. Read a book. Roasted a chicken, potatoes and carrots for dinner. And watched five of the two-hour Planet of the Apes “movies” (made by basically sticking together two episodes of the TV show) that were showing on Fox Movie Channel yesterday. My next couch-potato day will get me the five original movies which they also showed. Ape-tastic.

The notable thing that I didn’t finish was the books. I looked things over, and due to bad planning, I’ve got to take all the books out of one of the cases, because there’s one big book that wants to live on the bottom shelf that’s about ½″ too tall to fit with the shelves the way they are now. That means I’ll need to move every shelf in that case up by one notch. Plus as I mentioned on Tuesday, I’ve got to do some other rearranging of the books so they’re grouped together more sensibly. Going to try and tackle that today before it’s time to head out on the photowalk. Definitely going to finish them up before it’s time to head back to work on Monday.

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