16. November, 2008 - caught up

I’ve been catching up on things over the past couple weeks. There was the ongoing catch-up after my vacation. I’ve finally finished posting the pictures from that to flickr. Check my Road Trip to Maine set if you’re interested. The picture just below this is the last of the lot, taken at the eastern terminus of US Highway 2 near Houlton, Maine.

End of the Road
End of the Road

Then there’s been the catching up around home. It’s deer-season, which means I may be coming into some more venison if all my friends were successful in their hunts. And since my chest-freezer was getting empty, that meant it was time to completely empty it and get it defrosted and cleaned out before I start refilling it. Which meant that last Sunday I threw a bunch of soup-bones into a pot, and made up a few quarts of beef stock (which went into the freezer) for use later this winter.

Plus there’s been the inevitable pile of bills, projects I wanted to get done “before the snow flies” and just daily stuff around the house that I get behind on when I’m paying attention to other things. But this weekend, it finally feels as though everything is nearly caught up, and life is feeling pretty normal again.

Which is good, since it’s just about time for the holiday stuff to kick in. It’s less than two weeks until the third annual post-Thanksgiving photowalk that I organize every year. But at the moment, I’ve got time to update the blog, take a nap later today and feel as though I’m caught up for a few days. Life is good.

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