6. November, 2008 - post-election

Well, that’s over. It’s nice to not be constantly bombarded by political ads, but it’s going to be a while before things calm down. There are still too many people who are pissed about the results (or lack thereof).

But it’s good to have this done. I’m not especially pleased with the results myself, but what’s a guy to do? I expect there will be a run on guns and ammunition as a lot of folks are convinced Obama’s going to ban everything. I expect it’ll make for some interesting chatter at gun shows over the next couple months if nothing else. And probably a shortage of bargains to be found.

And it may just be me, but has anyone else had Blazing Saddles on their brain lately? I’ve heard people pointing out, like Gabby Johnson, that the sheriff is, um, near. As if they’re just noticing that now. Dunno. People are funny sometimes, right?

In other news, I’ve finally finished posting the photos from the Fall Foliage Workshop I attended a couple weeks back. I think there are at least a few in there that I’ll end up printing out, but I still haven’t decided for sure which ones will make that cut.

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