October 2008

29. October, 2008 - home again
Negative Space
Negative Space

Didn’t mention it last time, but I was out of town when I wrote the previous update. More details to follow, but the short version is that I drove out to Maine for John Paul Caponigro’s Fall Foliage Workshop. I’ve been busy catching up with work and trying to process photos from that since I got back last Thursday evening. Photos from the workshop are in this flickr set if you’re interested.

More photos and a full report of the trip will follow, but I keep forgetting to take vacation to rest up from my vacation, so it’s going to have to wait a bit.

19. October, 2008 - Sunday Funday

Fun for me, anyhow. Been busy, and that's going to continue for a while, but there's a difference between busy doing things other people want me to do, and busy doing things I think are fun. It's been the latter sort of busy, so I'm in a pretty darned good mood.

But I also need to get some stuff done, so this is going to be about it. Enjoy the links, and enjoy the Sunday.

8. October, 2008 - Bailed Out

Well, it went through. Blegh.

I wasn’t expecting a bounce in the markets like I remember from 1980, when the dollar went from 14 Austrian schillings the day before the election to 21 the day after, but I was hoping to avoid the further bloodletting that the markets have shown this week. Oh well. It’s not as if I was planning to retire anytime soon anyhow. But it would be nice to have pulled more money out of the markets a month ago for the home improvement projects I want to get done, rather than waiting.

But hey, on the bright side, it gave me an excuse to declare an early opener to Bourbon Season last weekend. So at least there’s that, then.

1. October, 2008 - fall grumbles

Normally fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather is turning cool and it’s nice to go for a walk or sleep under too many blankets because I left the windows open in 40 degree weather. Not so much this year. Or rather, I’ve enjoyed those things, but other stuff is distracting me from the enjoyable things in life.

I had a good weekend, including the photowalk down at Minnehaha Park on Sunday. But yesterday at work completely erased any good feelings that remained from the weekend. We’ve got a management team who are fairly new to their jobs. That’s not a huge problem, since most of the team is pretty good. But we also have a couple “old-timers” on the team who seem bent on undercutting these new managers, rather than helping to educate them and get them up to speed, and I managed to get caught in the middle of it yesterday. I’m pretty sure being disgusted with your co-workers is not a sign of job satisfaction.

On top of that, our political class seems to be rushing headlong into an ill-conceived plan to bail out the banks from a problem of their own making. Any shortage in capitol seems due to the fact that the greed-heads don’t want to take real offers from hard-dealing people like Warren Buffett when there’s a possibility of the government throwing money at them. The whole damned thing disgusts me. Guess it’s a good thing that bourbon season is just around the corner (it normally begins on Halloween, according to Jeff). Just be aware that there’s a very good chance I’m going to have to call for an early opener to the season.

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