26. September, 2008 - Fall

Mountains in Shadow
Mountains in Shadow

Still haven’t driven across the new 35W bridge, but I think I probably will tomorrow. Wasn’t really a conscious decision, it just worked out that way.

Another photo from the airplane ride home from San Jose a couple weeks back. This one was right around sunrise, looking west just after takeoff, when the mountains weren’t fully lit by the sun yet. I like it.

On a less pleasant note, there’s been all this talk about needing to bail out the banks and investment houses that screwed up and bought securities based on bad mortgages. As I see it, Paulson’s argument that we need to act immediately has already been disproven by the fact that the market didn’t freak out yesterday when Congress failed (again) to act. Makes me think that maybe a few more months of doing nothing would be just fine… Then again, I almost always think that things would be better if Congress did nothing, so my view may be biased.

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