3. September, 2008 - in continuing news

Still plenty of activity over in St. Paul. And it’s starting to make the national news. Plus channel 9 had a reporter get tear-gassed. Unfortunately, she’s the one who made the statement that three homemade bombs had gone off, and it’s still on their website, in spite of an on-air correction just minutes later. Police said that the noises they’d heard were the 40mm rifles launching tear-gas and smoke cannisters, or concussion grenades launched by the police.

One of the questions I’ve been pondering is whether the police presence and raids before the convention have made things more secure around here or not. At the moment, I think it’s more likely that the pre-convention arrests have radicalized people who might otherwise have kept their heads in their protests, and the cops are making plenty of mistakes, prompted by a few assholes and a possible disinformation campaign. In any case, behavior on both sides has been disappointing.

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