14. August, 2008 - last home stand

The Saints return home today for their final home stand of the season. And it’s looking like that might be it. They’re six games back, with nine games remaining, and have lost every series they’ve played in the month of August.

In other news, I’ve had my new iPhone for a week. I’m pretty happy with it for the most part. It’s awfully cool having the entire intarweb in your pocket when one of those lunchtime arguments comes up and you know the answer is “out there.” But one thing disturbs me… Just as Obama’s new salute instantly reminded me of the goatse image, and once you’ve seen that image, you can’t forget it, the “zoom in” motion on the iPhone triggers that same bit of memory. Squicks me out (and I’m not the only one). Thanks, Steve. And yes, I do realize I’m over a year behind the curve on this one.

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