July 2008

31. July, 2008 - heat wave

The weather guys are all busy telling us how hot it’s going to be over the next few days. Sounds miserable if you have to work outside or don’t have air conditioning. Try to keep cool, eh?

It seems like a suitable end to a screwed-up week for me. Came home early from work on Monday not feeling well, and spent Tuedsay and Wednesday getting more than twelve hours of sleep each day (that seems to cure an awful lot of things, I’ve noticed). Today I’m feeling good enough to head back into work, but I get the feeling that just about the time I figure out what I’ve missed, the week will be over.

22. July, 2008 - endurance

Strange as it might seem, I’ve apparently got a few critics out there on teh intarwebs. And every once in a while, one will email me with a criticism of something I wrote two or five or ten years ago.

The interesting thing about this, to me, is that most of the people who do this also insist that I “take down” the offending bit. Such emails usually get routed straight to the most appropriate place for them, but once in a while I get a little chuckle out of them.

Over ten years of writing random crap on the ’net (and let’s be honest, that’s what most of this is), there are going to be some pieces that are better than others. And some worse. I’m still surprised when people are so offended by one that they insist that it needs to be expunged. What’s the deal with people who insist that wrong ideas have to be obliterated? Isn’t it enough to hold them up for ridicule?

Oh well. Just some more random crap typed out some morning and plopped onto the intertubes for your amusement. At least it’s too short to draw too many emails from people telling me how wrong I am.

12. July, 2008 - busy

Been a while since the last update. Since then, there’s been a Saints home stand, five pretty darned nice days for baseball, and one scorcher of a Sunday during which I never left the shade of the E-Z Up to venture into the ballpark, followed by a full week of work, and then today, in which I’m supposed to head in for work again on a Saturday.

And as a result of this busy-ness, I’ve been falling behind on the normal everyday activities at home. Last night I had to do two “emergency” loads of laundry so I’d have clean clothes to wear to work today. Trash day is Wednesday, so I took out the (minimal) trash on Tuesday, and it was only this morning that I got around to putting a new liner in the trash-can. Everything I needed to throw away since then had fit into a single McDonald’s bag which was just sitting on the counter. It’s a good thing it hasn’t rained much until the past couple days, because if the grass was growing at a normal clip, it’d be nearly a foot tall.

But the most frustrating thing is that I’d planned things so that I was done with the long days at work by June. And I was. What I hadn’t counted on was other folks running behind so I’d get asked to help out. When I ran behind last year, nobody pitched in to help me out. I bashed through it on my own. So I’m a little out of sorts about that. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

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