12. July, 2008 - busy

Been a while since the last update. Since then, there’s been a Saints home stand, five pretty darned nice days for baseball, and one scorcher of a Sunday during which I never left the shade of the E-Z Up to venture into the ballpark, followed by a full week of work, and then today, in which I’m supposed to head in for work again on a Saturday.

And as a result of this busy-ness, I’ve been falling behind on the normal everyday activities at home. Last night I had to do two “emergency” loads of laundry so I’d have clean clothes to wear to work today. Trash day is Wednesday, so I took out the (minimal) trash on Tuesday, and it was only this morning that I got around to putting a new liner in the trash-can. Everything I needed to throw away since then had fit into a single McDonald’s bag which was just sitting on the counter. It’s a good thing it hasn’t rained much until the past couple days, because if the grass was growing at a normal clip, it’d be nearly a foot tall.

But the most frustrating thing is that I’d planned things so that I was done with the long days at work by June. And I was. What I hadn’t counted on was other folks running behind so I’d get asked to help out. When I ran behind last year, nobody pitched in to help me out. I bashed through it on my own. So I’m a little out of sorts about that. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

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