7. June, 2008 - Zappa Plays Zappa

I went to see Zappa Plays Zappa at First Avenue last night. The reviews are pretty positive among the faithful, which is to be expected, but I enjoyed the show too, and I don’t think I really qualify as one of the hardcore faithful. If you liked Frank’s music, you’d have liked the show, and Dweezil has put together a pretty darned credible band to play his dad’s songs. And that’s about all I have to say about the show.

My complaint is more with the buses. The show was downtown, so I took the bus down. That went fine, and we had a fine dinner followed by some fine music. Walked down to the LRT station with Scott afterwards (he needed to ride the train down a ways before catching his bus to St. Paul), and missed both a 4 and a 61 bus that would have gotten me home while I was talking to Scott. No biggie, I figure. That was the last 61 of the night, but the 4s run every half-hour, and I can do some people-watching for fifteen or twenty minutes with no problem (and there was plenty of good people-watching downtown last night, including one gal wearing some “hot-pants” that might not have been substantial enough for some beaches – Yow!)

But for whatever reason, the next 4 bus never came. I ended up waiting almost an hour for the bus, and after three hours of standing around in First Ave watching the show, that was way too long. I just wanted to be home. I would have been fine with the normal wait, but when a bus completely misses a run, that’s just the kind of pain in the ass that makes me less likely to head downtown next time there’s something cool going on.


We're smug pricks on bikes!
We’re smug pricks on bikes!
(image courtesy Joey)
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