May 2008

30. May, 2008 - another month

Been a busy week. I’ve had painters over painting my garage and the trim on my house, plus there’s been work, and various other things that didn’t get done during the Saints home-stand last week. Plus we’ve got a new intern at work who lives just a few blocks from me, and who doesn’t drive, so I’ve been giving him rides to and from work. It all combines to make my schedule feel just a little bit hectic.

the culprit
phone books don’t recycle?

And then yesterday morning my recycling was deemed not worth picking up. I’m pretty sure it was because of the phone books, but I’m not sure because they’re supposed to be recyclable, and when I called the city’s hotline, I was told they were. But there was no note from the guy, so I just threw the phone books and the plastic bottles into the trash, and gave the aluminum cans to a neighbor who’ll sell them for cash.

But because things have been generally pretty good, that’s all I have to rant about. What the heck is it with phone books? I know the phone company charges for yellow pages ads and such, and the charge is probably based on the number of people with the books, but why the heck is there no way to opt out of this tree-slaughter? As far as I can remember, I’ve used the things once in the past ten years, and that was during a power-outage when I wanted to see what number to call at NSP (and yeah, it was back before they changed their name).

And who besides spammers (both online and in your dead-tree mailbox) and the people who pass out hooker cards in Vegas think that this is a good business model? With search engines like google doing a better job of providing phone numbers if you’re in a hurry, do the phone companies get any better response rates than spammers? Is it enough to actually pay for all of those dead trees? I think it's time to say death to the phone book.

22. May, 2008 - linkage

The Saints are in the middle of a seven-game home stand, and things are a bit busy at work, so you don’t get much of a rant today. But you get some links, so that’s good, right?

15. May, 2008 - Spring!

It seems like it might really be spring around here. We haven’t had a threat of freezing for over a week, and the temperature is getting up to normal for the past few days. Couple that with the beginning of the Saints season (they’re off to a 6-0 start so far), and it’s weather for wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

In fact, when I got home today and opened the windows to let in some fresh air, it actually warmed up inside the house. We’re definitely in one of the months of nice weather in Minnesota right now (the other one is October, if I remember correctly). And I think that’s going to do it for today. Have a good one.

5. May, 2008 - I’ve got other plans

I noticed recently that people sometimes have weird reactions to hearing I’ve got other plans in response to a question about whether I’m going to do something (go to the Sporty, go on a photowalk, or some other invitation). And with the Saints season starting, that’s a more frequent answer.

To be sure, this year I’m going to try and miss some games, leaving a little more free time for myself over the summer, but it’s still interesting to see how people respond. Some just accept it at face value. But the majority seem to feel a need to know what those other plans are. Am I up to something more fun than what they have planned, or perhaps something more boring so they can try and talk me out of it?

But then there are days like yesterday when I just don’t know. There was a Saints game, but there was also the May Day Parade down in south Minneapolis. And it also would have been a nice day to go visit Mom. When I woke up, I really wasn’t sure which I’d choose to do. I was leaning towards going to the game, and I eventually did, but it wasn’t a sure thing.

And that happens to me fairly often in the summer. There’s a lot of things going on. The default is usually going to the game, but there are times when I’ll be double- or triple-booked with various things to do, and I’ll put off making a firm decision as long as possible. It may be that it looks like rain, so I’m not expecting to go to the ballgame. Or it may be that there’s something special going on (like the Zappa Plays Zappa show that’s about a month out). Or it’s possible that I’m just thinking I need a quiet night at home after a week of eleventy other things going on.

In any case, when I respond with I’ve got other plans and don’t have an immediate answer to the follow-up question of What are you going to do? people seem to be dissatisfied. It’s not that I’m trying to be evasive or avoid that person. Too often it’s that I already have too many things to choose from, and don’t want to make the decision more difficult by adding another possibility to the mix.

But maybe I need to change my answer. Would it be better to lie and say that I’m doing one of the things from the list of possibles? Would it be better to bore folks with the long explanation like I’m doing here? Or maybe I just should not care what other people think. I don’t know, but as I said, I’ve noticed that the short answer just doesn’t seem to satisfy people, so I’ve been pondering how to handle it.

So that’s the kind of thing that goes through my brain sometimes. But for the moment, my course is clear. It’s time to get to work for the day.

1. May, 2008 - Not summer yet

I took Tuesday of this week off from work. See, the Saints have started their pre-season, and due to a game with the Ibaraki Golden Golds, a team from Japan, they had a day-night double-header on Tuesday. With the game on Monday, that made for 25 innings of baseball that I saw in two days (I cut out early on Monday’s game, only seeing 7½ innings).

It was good to get outside, even if I did spend all three games wearing my winter coat in the stands. And it was good to get back into the cooking in the parking-lot groove. Three pretty good meals came out of the deal, including the highlight of a 3lb pork roast Tuesday afternoon. Plus I managed to sunburn my face and my hands on a day when it was cold enough that my sunblock had frozen, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

And while the Saints are playing tomorrow night down in Miesville, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to head down for that one. The forecast is for windy and rainy, with a possibility of snow. It’s not quite summer yet, no matter what the schedule says.

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