1. May, 2008 - Not summer yet

I took Tuesday of this week off from work. See, the Saints have started their pre-season, and due to a game with the Ibaraki Golden Golds, a team from Japan, they had a day-night double-header on Tuesday. With the game on Monday, that made for 25 innings of baseball that I saw in two days (I cut out early on Monday’s game, only seeing 7½ innings).

It was good to get outside, even if I did spend all three games wearing my winter coat in the stands. And it was good to get back into the cooking in the parking-lot groove. Three pretty good meals came out of the deal, including the highlight of a 3lb pork roast Tuesday afternoon. Plus I managed to sunburn my face and my hands on a day when it was cold enough that my sunblock had frozen, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

And while the Saints are playing tomorrow night down in Miesville, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to head down for that one. The forecast is for windy and rainy, with a possibility of snow. It’s not quite summer yet, no matter what the schedule says.

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