25. April, 2008 - nice weather

…if you’re a duck! It’s been raining since Thursday morning, and it might snow before the sun comes up. Could I have more spring, please? The cold and rainy weather around here the past couple days has made me a bit more cranky than usual. Or perhaps just returned me to the usual level of crankiness. At this point, I can’t say for sure.

Normally, I expect spring weather in Minnesota to be a mite “changeable.” Except that Monday begins the Saints pre-season, and the game-time forecast at this point is for a high in the 40s. Fahrenheit. This is not baseball weather!

The other cranky-inducing thing this week was an “all-hands” meeting at work. The VP of Human Resources (I am not a resource, I am a man!), got up on the video-conferencing stage, and said, after explaining our new and simpler corporate values (there used to be ten, now there are four), said with a straight face: Our ask of you is that you role-model these values to your coemployees.

I nearly fell out of my chair at that.

Now maybe it’s just the beer talking (it often is), but when I heard that, my first reaction was deep embarassment for the company I work for. This is the head of the HR department talking, and while I seldom have much respect for HR, she’s got the ability to set corporate policy and consign me to some serious heck. And I pray to Bog that she doesn’t say this sort of thing in front of any investors, because they’re going to be convinced that the company I work for is run by people who’ve been smoking too many crystals and our stock price will plummet.

I don’t want that.

I could go on, but Oh My Christ! what else is there to say that wouldn’t be hyperbolic?

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