6. April, 2008 - home again

Orlando Foggy Morning
Orlando Foggy Morning

I was down in Flordia most of last week. Work sent me down to Photoshop World in Orlando. It was a good trip, but there were things to gripe about, too. My body was still mostly used to temperatures in the 40s or 50s, and getting tossed into a swamp with temps in the 80s and dewpoints in the 60s made me uncomfortable and cranky.

There were a few things that caught my attention. The first was the sheer cost of everything down there. Knowing that most of the folks around where I was are attending conferences or going to visit The Mouse, prices are jacked up pretty high. Internet connectivity, as Davezilla points out in passing, sucks at high-priced hotels. And I still think that folks with no people skills really shouldn’t be in the “hospitality industry.”

And with all that in mind, the one photograph I brought home from Orlando is one that I ended up spending over an hour tweaking in Photoshop. Sigh. I guess I can’t be too hard on those who manipulate photos, eh?

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