30. March, 2008 - out like a lion?

Yeah, I’ve been talking about the weather a lot recently. But that’s probably the most exciting thing going at the moment. Spring and fall in Minnesota tend to mean that the jet stream is coming right over us, so we get interesting changes in the weather in a hurry. Yesterday was a beautiful blue-sky day, flirting with 50 degrees. Today is supposed to be gray with a chance of rain, and tomorrow they’ve got a winter-storm watch declared.

And it feels like spring should already be in full force. During last year’s warm spring, I got a jump on a lot of the “outside projects,” and set reminders for myself to tackle things this year. This year we’re having more normal temperatures, so when those reminders pop up on my computer, I’m having to postpone them. Maybe for a couple weeks, or maybe for a month. Hard to say at this point, but it’s got me thinking about the weather.

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