22. March, 2008 - spring

geese in the snow
geese in the snow

Thursday was officially the beginning of spring, so naturally it started to snow here in Minneapolis late thursday night. When I woke up on friday morning, the snow still wasn’t sticking to the sidewalks and streets, but by the time I made it out of the house, there was already a half-inch of accumulation on my sidewalks. The snow is still coming down (though slowly) and there’s about 3-4 inches piled up on the lawn. Welcome to spring in Minnesota!

That said, it’s nice to have more sunshine every day. I haven’t been taking full advantage of it yet, but I’m starting to get itchy to get outside to do things. I don’t have all of my “winter projects” done yet, but the big task of moving all my books out of the basement and putting them on my shelves is close enough to done that I think one more push will get it done. Perhaps this weekend.

I think that’s about it for today. I have a bunch of errands to do, so I suppose I should get moving for the day.

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