10. March, 2008 - They do this every year

Once again it was the weekend of spring ahead (fall down). Earlier than formerly, not as early as a few years when I was little. But being a morning type, it hit me a little harder this morning. It was time for me to be headed off to work, and the sky didn’t even have tiniest hint of sunrise yet. So I decided to type a little before heading out the door.

I was double-booked on parties this weekend. And by now I should probably have been able to predict what happened, but I really meant to make it to both, and instead spent more time than planned at the first, and then came straight home, rather than attending the second. Still a good time, but that’s one group of folks I’d have liked to have seen that I didn’t.

Beyond that, the weekend was a time when I was going to try and wrap up a few of the winter projects around home. I did, but there’s still plenty to be done around here before baseball season starts. And with opening day being May 8, and the first pre-season game being April 28th (or possibly the 27th), there’s not a lot of weekends left for projects.

But this is probably good news for those of you worried that I’ve been crankier than usual lately. Spring is coming, as is baseball, the taxes are already paid for the year, and I’ve got more than enough things to keep me busy for the next few months. There’s still snow on the ground (and I expect one more big snowfall before winter is completely done with us for the year), but between the daylight savings time switch and signs of life over in St. Paul, spring is near and that’s improving my mood.

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