24. February, 2008 - A Quiet Weekend

I’d planned to spend this weekend heading up to Ironworld in Chisholm, MN to see the Requiem photo exhibit that’s there through April 20th (and to just check out the museum in general), but last Wednesday, during my day off, they were painting my office at work, which meant taking everything apart, and putting it back together on Thursday (moving the incredibly heavy Dell computer that’s my primary Windows machine). Anyway, I managed to tweak my back a little bit on Tuesday, and much worse again on Thursday. So I spent most of this weekend on the couch, pumping myself full of ibuprofen rather than driving 3½ hours north to look at some (probably) depressing photos.


Which ended up being okay, I guess. I managed to get a few things done around home. I cleaned off the back corner of my desk that accumulates various crap, discovering various things I’d though I’d lost (but not the thing I was looking for, of course). I re-filed a bunch of DVDs I’ve watched since Christmas. I posted a few more photos to flickr. And I rested my back, which almost feels normal again.

The one thing that sucks most about having been laid up this weekend is that apparently a couple friends of mine that I haven’t seen for quite a while were out at the local watering hole on Friday evening, and I didn’t get to see ’em. Drat! But I’m pretty sure spending a few hours perched on a barstool with no back support would not have been a good recovery regimen.

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