20. February, 2008 - day off

Took the day off from work today. The Army Corps of Engineers drew down the St. Anthony Pool in the Mississippi, and Friends of the Mississippi River had a tour. I went down and took a bunch of photos and got interviewed on KARE-11. It was below zero (Fahrenheit) the entire time I was out there, but I had dressed warmly enough that the only thing that got cold was my chin and the very tips of my earlobes. But when we stepped into the Mill City Museum to warm up, I couldn’t get un-bundled quickly enough and ended up sweaty. That convinced me to cut short part two of the tour and just head back across the river and home.

Low River Pano
Low River Pano

After returning home and defrosting, I headed out to drop off the film I had shot, grab some tasty lunch at United Noodle, and mail the bills I’d forgotten to mail earlier.

Then it was home for a nap. The morning’s walking around in the cold had worn me out, and what the heck, it was a day off from work, so I was going to enjoy it.

Woke up from the nap about 3:30, spent an hour putting everything together so my accountant can do my 2007 taxes. Then it was out to mail off the big envelope, pick up my film, and grab some dinner.

I’d finished scanning almost all the film when a few research engineers from Honda USA stopped by. I bought a Honda snowblower last fall, and the hardware store registered the warranty for me. So when Honda contacted me to see if they could come out and talk to me, I said Sure! Three engineers from North Carolina stopped by, asked a few questions, and then looked at the area I clear with the machine. Got a free Honda baseball cap outta the deal.

And I think that’s going to do it for today. It felt like a busy day, and I’m about ready for some more sleep. I’ll be posting more photos from today’s field-trip to the river in this set on flickr as I finish processing them.

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