30. January, 2008 - ups and downs

Warm temps earlier in the week — it was nearly 40 went I went to work on Monday — not so much today. 14°F below zero as I write this, with a windchill of 35 below, and projected high near zero. Chilly!

A lot of things have been like that lately: up one day, down the next. About the only constant has been my complete lack of motivation to make any new photographs. My energy during the week has been directed at work, and on the weekends, either sleep or other obligations have been on my mind.

But that’s mid-winter for you. This is the time of year when the biggest thing to look forward to is the fact that the days are getting visibly longer each week, and you can tell yourself that spring’s not that far away. Meanwhile, try and get a little ahead with the work so when the nice weather does roll around a guy can play hooky.

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