18. January, 2008 - Grr. Brr.

Sporty Exterior

One of my cow-orkers has been saying Grr. Brr. lately whenever we’re heading out to lunch and it’s cold. It strikes me as funny. And with what’s likely to be some of the coldest weather of the winter hitting us this weekend (highs tomorrow aren’t expected to get above zero, so you probably won’t see me at the Pond Hockey Championships), it seemed like a pretty appropriate title.

Not a whole lot going on lately. Eat. Work. Eat. Sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. But when I stopped by the Sporty on Tuesday for some dinner, I saw that Joe had most of the windows in. The remodelling is certainly changing the look of the place. Even Joe admits he might have to change his slogan, since calling it a dive bar might not be appropriate anymore. I guess we’ll see. I think it’ll be a good thing when he’s open for lunch again.

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