16. December, 2007 - low energy

Merry Christmas, you filthy rebel scum.
Merry Christmas, you filthy rebel scum.
by A-Wix

It’s been one of those weeks. Nothing really wrong, as far as I can tell, I just haven’t had a ton of energy for anything beyond the basics. Maybe it’s the impending holidays. Maybe it’s a project at work that I have mixed feelings about. Could be the cold weather. Or maybe it’s some mix of things. In any case, I’ve been in a lazy state of mind lately. My big goal for today is to get the (overdue) Christmas cards written and ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. Pretty ambitious, eh?

Special thanks to A-Wix for capturing the swell image of one of the members of the 501st Legion out at the mall on Friday. I think it would make a fine Christmas Card.

And I think that’s going to do it for this week. Did I mention I was feeling lazy?

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