24. November, 2007 - More dates of note

I didn’t have a post on Wednesday, which I’m calling my “official” blogiversary, but it’s time to look back a bit. As I mentioned last time, November 21 is the tenth anniversary. November 25, 2004 was my first photo posted on flickr, but I’d completely forgotten that November 26, 1999 was when I bought davespicks.com until I got a note from ip:House about the automated renewal for that. So there’s another significant date, right around Thanksgiving.

I suspect part of the reason for the cluster of dates in late November is precisely due to Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving proper is generally full of food, the rest of the weekend is generally pretty slow for me (unless I leave the country). I have time to sit around and play on the web and this weekend has been no exception. More so than just about any other time of the year, since I’m not one for heading to the stores to go nuts shopping, but the weather is usually chilly enough that I don’t do a lot of outdoors things.

I don’t remember for sure, and don’t have the initial email anymore, but I think it was also around this time of the year that I got my first presence on teh intarwebs back in 1995. It was definitely in the fall when Kate & I walked into the best.com storefront in Palo Alto Mountain View and bought accounts. The wayback machine didn’t get around to noticing me until 1999, but it’s still got a snapshot.

Moon over Pracna
Moon over Pracna
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