21. October, 2007 - Photowalk

under the bridge
Under The Bridge

Yesterday was a beautiful day out. And since I’d planned a photowalk with the flickr group for the day, I was in a darned good mood. We headed down to Hastings, stopping first at Alexis Bailly Vineyard for some wine-tasting and photography there, then went into downtown Hastings, parking right down by the river. After walking around for a couple hours, we took a little break, and then went back to the river front to see if it was going to be a pretty sunset or not. At that point, I was tired, and it wasn’t looking good, so we all headed home. And got to see a pretty sunset on the drive back. Oh well. It was good to meet a few new folks, and see others again, and I really couldn’t have picked a better day, especially with all the gray and rainy days we’ve had this month.


This morning, I’ve already been pretty productive. I started posting my photos from yesterday, as has everyone else. I’ve also done dishes and gotten one of the two or three loads of laundry I need to do started. I still need to get my library ready for Dick, from Prime Hardwood Floors who’s stopping by tomorrow to put the final coat of poly on the floor in there. Chad put in the bookcases on Monday and Tuesday last week, and the room is just about ready for me to start piling stuff into it. I think next weekend will see me starting to haul the boxes of books up from the basement.

I’m really happy about having that room almost finished. I’ve been working on it all summer. Or rather, waiting on a different contractor to deliver the bookcases, and having him go bankrupt, screwing me out of my down payment (I’ll get about 5% back), so I was really happy when Chad came through quickly, and delivered beautiful shelves to boot. I’m going to find other projects for Chad to do around here. He’s fun to work with, and does great work. Highly recommended.

And I think that’s going to do it for today. Have a swell week!

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