14. October, 2007 - around the house

I spent most of the weekend around home. But first there was Friday night. The Auto Body Experience played down at the Eagle’s Club, and I headed down to see the show. Went down by myself, thinking that I might run into some folks I know, and I did. But mostly I sat by myself, enjoying the music. Kent made me laugh with sound effects that caused Scott to completely fumble the lyrics at the start of Cave and bought me a Jägermeister that made my brain fuzzy between sets (Thanks for both of those, Kent!). Once they’d finished a much looser (and fun) second set, and I’d had a chance to chat with all the guys, I headed towards home.

Getting to and from The Eagle’s Club is a lot more challenging nowadays than it was the first time I headed down there, what with the 35W bridge missing and all. The extra drive-time while trying to get home convinced me that it would be a good idea to swing by the Sporty for a couple more beers. Talked to a few folks there, and then eventually headed home.

As I slowly woke up on Saturday morning, and pondered the work I needed to get done around the house, the wisdom of those “couple more beers” seemed doubtful. Chad is going to be delivering and installing my built-in bookcases on Monday morning, and there are a few things I need to finish up in the room before he arrives. I got partway done on Saturday, but there’s still work to be done today. I also got the lumber from the garden chopped into short enough pieces that the trash guys will take it away (I hope) and mowed the lawn again.

Today, I need to finish getting the bedroom ready for Chad, make a run up to visit mom, and do a bunch of laundry. Not an overwhelming load by any means, but I’m wishing I’d gotten a little more done yesterday so I could be lazier today.

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