30. September, 2007 - plugging along

It’s early-ish on a Sunday morning, and I’ve already been writing for over an hour, so this might not be the most exciting update. Friday we had a beer-bash at work, which was welcome after what felt like a long week back from vacation. Then I spent until midnight at the local watering hole before finally getting home for another three hours of beers and drunken postings on teh intarwebs. I slept much of saturday away, and then it was out to Gasthof for Oktoberfest with the gang from the Saints parking lot. The cute gal I’d invited showed up with some cute friends, but they ditched us almost immediately to go find shots and cute guys. Sometimes it seems no matter how low you set your expectations, they’re not low enough.

Anyway, it was good seeing folks again, since most of us get together only a few times during the off-season. And then this morning, there was thunder and lightning and it’s still raining on and off, so I think it’s going to be a pretty low energy kind of day. I got some of the writing done I wanted to, so that’s something, right?

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