13. September, 2007 - rantish

A couple days ago, jr got cranky about Morale And Lack There Of. I’ve got kind of a similar mood going on in the workplace at the moment. In a meeting yesterday, my manager updated folks on our progress, noting that I was moving forward, but there was only one of me, so we wouldn’t be seeing a ton of new features, rather a continuation of some architectural cleanup. One of my cow-orkers made a comment along the lines of He’s had two years.

The thing that really bugged me about this is that this is one of the cow-orkers who’s written exactly the kind of unmaintainable crap code I’ve spent most of the past two years trying to hammer into submission (not that it’s solely his fault — he’s had plenty of help, and he didn’t actually touch any of the mess I’m trying to sort out). I didn’t say anything, since others came to my defence, but let me tell you, a graph of my productivity before and after the meeting yesterday would have looked plenty familiar to anyone who held stock in dot com companies in 2000.

All of which, I guess, is a long-winded explanation of why I’m sitting at home updating this rather than being in at work already. The handful of you who read regularly can thank my cow-orker.

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