30. August, 2007 - Playoffs

As I mentioned last time, the Saints are in the playoffs. And after two road games, they’re returning home 2-0 in the best of 5 series. Tonight’s game is part of the Dog Days too, with fans encouraged to bring their pooches to the park.


One of the things about my walk last Friday was that I finally got to see the site where the 35-W bridge used to be. Like others, I just wanted to look. To see that it’s really gone. It was cathartic, and I’m still very critical of the official stance of keeping people as far away from the site as possible.

On a photographic note, one of the things I noticed when using a manual-focus lens is that focusing screens on DSLRs uniformly suck. Enough so that many of my photos made with a manual-focus lens are slightly out of focus. So I’ve ordered a Katz Eye Focusing Screen for the Nikon D200. Sounds like it’s just what my camera needs. I’ll report back once I’ve installed it and taken it out for a spin.

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