26. August, 2007 - Another Weekend

Sunday morning (though just barely still) and I figure it’s time to do some blogging again. First, the Saints made the playoffs on Friday night, so I don’t have to worry too much about spare time for at least another week. With their streak of eight straight losses at home broken with two wins to close out the home season, I wasn’t sure whether they were going to get into the playoffs or not. And I’m not really sure which I’d have preferred. There are plenty of folks I’d like to see a few more times before winter, but I’m also ready to have a few more evenings when I know I can just come home from work and think about nothing after a long day.

On Friday, a co-worker who was in town wanted to run around and take some photos. I cut out from work a little early and met up with him at the Sculpture Garden. We shot some photos there, and then headed over to Kramarczuk’s for dinner. Mmmm. Then it was down to the riverfront. We parked near the Stone Arch Bridge, and shot a whole bunch of photos of the river. It was the first time I’ve seen the site where the 35-W bridge used to be, but other than noting “Hey! It’s not there anymore.” I mostly focused on the sunset that was going on upriver.

He had a 9:50pm flight back to the Bay Area, so just after sunset it was off to Southeast Amoco to top off the tank of the rental. He dropped me there and I walked home, leaving him with directions to the airport.

Saturday was spent mowing the lawn, shopping and catching up around home a bit. My allergies kicked into high gear when I stirred up the grass, so I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated. Today, I was planning to go up and visit mom, but I’m still sniffling and sneezing, and have a lot of photos to go through plus the laundry I was planning to get done yesterday, so I think I’m going to put that off for another week.

And that’s about it for now. I haven’t had much in the way of links lately. Sorry about that. Once the Saints season is done I’ll hopefully get back in the groove. Hope you had a restful weekend. Sometimes that’s the best thing.

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