29. July, 2007 - up too damned late - or too damned early

Sorry about the lack of updates this month. But hey, at least I got one more done before we moved into August, right?

Especially since August means thirteen Saints games in twenty-two days. It may not sound like a whole lot, but it’s an awful lot of games to go to in not all that many days. Especially since there are a couple pretty significant milestones in the work life during that time.

But hey, at the moment that doesn’t really matter. It’s nearly five ayem on a Sunday morning and I’m still awake (and waiting for a pizza to finish cooking). Yeah, I did crawl out of bed about two in the afternoon yesterday/today, but I’m still feeling as if I should have been asleep about six hours ago. Oh well. It’s a good weekend to be stupid, I think.

Not a ton of links, but I’m thinking that this is one of the better updates lately. Nearly everything is actually worth clicking on, which, if I have to admit to being lame (and I think I do), hasn’t always been the case around here lately. But really, there’s some good (or at least clickworthy) stuff here. Or maybe that’s just the beer talking.

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