03. June 2007 - Slow Sunday

Ball of Twine Sign
The Biggest Ball of Twine
in Minnesota

Minimal linkage for you today, and if you’re one of those people who only reads the RSS feed, you’ll be lamenting my lack of updates, since the links in this sort of text don’t show in the feed. Sorry. I’m worthless and weak.

Been kinda busy of late. As I mentioned in the last update, Special K was in town briefly ten days ago. Well, she got back this past Thursday night, and I spent the time in between with a weekend of Saints games (including fireworks), then trying to cram a full week’s worth of work into a three-day week, and most recently running around and playing tourist.

Let’s start with the 24th. We spent the day (which was rainy) walking around downtown and along the river. I don’t have any photos from that, but K had to pose next to the MTM statue. Then there was some shopping at Target, a walk across the river for lunch at Kramarczuk’s, coffee and a break from the rain at Taraccino. Then back home for a while before heading to Sawatdee for dinner, and the Washburn A Mill Tour at the Mill City Museum (highly recommended - call for a reservation) before finishing the night with a drive along the riverfront and on Nicollet Island while I played tour-guide.

A week passed while K did the east coast part of her trip, and on Friday the first, we headed north, stopping at Cassidy’s in Hinckley for lunch on the way up to Split Rock Lighthouse. Then we worked our way back, stopping at Canal Park in Duluth, and then home. Lots of driving that day.

Yesterday (that’s Saturday), we headed northwest, for the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, a stop by St. John’s, a stop at Lake George, then Cabela’s in Rogers, which has a squished penny machine, and K collects them. Then home.

Which brings me to today. So far, it’s a slow day. I’m catching up on the blogging and getting some photos ready for flickr, and K’s doing something simlar on her computer. There’s a load of dishes running, and perhaps a couple loads of laundry to be cooked before the day is done. She’s leaving tomorrow, so there’s packing to be done and we still need to get out to the Sculpture Garden, Minnehaha Falls, and White Castle if the weather will permit us to complete her Minnesota experience.

And that’s going to do it for today. As I said, no other links today, but I figure there were at least a few scattered through the writing so maybe that’ll keep you happy.

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