23. May, 2007 - Hello, Special K!

Master of all he surveys
Not a self-portrait

So here I am, sitting and blogging in the evening. Just doesn’t seem right somehow, but I got a call from Kirsten a bit ago, saying she was in Eau Claire, and running a bit late (I expected her to arrive about 5pm, when she called). So I’ve got a few minutes to kill, and it’s either type or clean at this point.

Things have been kinda busy lately. Last week was the first Saints home stand, and it was a seven-game stand. I don’t think I was ready for such an extended bout of baseball, but I survived it. And then a couple days of catching up around the house (including some cleaning), and tonight K arrives. Tomorrow we’re going to play tourist around the Twin Cities (mostly Minneapolis, it sounds like), and then she’s off again on her whirlwind tour, to return in about another week (unless I scare her away from the Upper Midwest for good).

In between, I’ve got a shorter Saints home-stand, and some work. I’ve got a looming deadline at work again, and a bug that I really want to get dealt with before then, so I need to knuckle down a bit and get it taken care of. After reinstalling Windows, because apparently I didn’t have enough headaches in my life. Plus there’s roses that are flowering and garden that’s growing (when the rabbits and squirrels aren’t eating my plants), and maybe one of these days my bookcases will be done and delivered, so I’ll probably be plenty busy the rest of the month. Again, now seems like a good time to do a little blogging.

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