13. May, 2007 - Mother’s Day

Please Clean Up
Please Clean Up

Been a while since I updated. Kinda sorry about that, but it’s been busy times, and I haven’t really felt like writing. Worse, I’ve got some writing to do on a deadline that I’ve been procrastinating, and it’s meant putting off all the writing I want to do, including this periodic bit of drivel.

Tomorrow begins the Saints season for real with the home opener. It means a busy week for me, but I’m still looking forward to it. As I type this, I’m defrosting the chicken that’s going to be the basis of the first couple nights of tailgating dinner, and distracting myself by trying to figure out what’s going to follow it on the menu. I’ve got myself at least half-convinced that this is going to be the year I haul the wok out to the ballpark and do some stir-frying in the parking lot.

And finally, it’s Mother’s Day. Nothing really to note about it, except for its existance and a reminder to be nice to your mom today.

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